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assalammualaikum and ssup nigga

woah its really been an age since i posted something shit and crap here heyyo blog how youre doing nope dont tell me youre doing fine bc youre blog tho not human so no different either i post something or not hah the hell im talking about haahaha so i um yano kinda bored idk im being bored all the time yeah probably bc i keep doing the same thing everday um yeah. i stg i love doing diy but my mum wont let me do it ugh she said that im doing 'sampah' but she actually dont know that i actually make something usefull without her knowing

ok actually theres nothing important i wanna to talk abt i just being bored and all of sudden remember abt this blog so nah im posting something. im going to talk randomly now. ive kinda major problem in my life. first im being afraid of what goes around. im scared getting older. im scared my parents getting old. im scared what im going to be in future. im being scared of everything. second i hate everything. absolutely everything. and what make its weird i hate it for no reason. hah i feel lost for real. i feel empty totally empty, sigh

well i really need to discover abt myself real soon. im going to sit for spm next year. i actually really cant wait to finish up my middle school season well ppl  frm school so annoying and retard af ew no. ok bye x