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Assalammualaikum and hello my belog hukhuk *lap habuk dekat blog guna bulu ayam* Ya Allah lama gila tak update. about two months maybe? oh yes, last update about zizan *cough* replied *cough* my tweet hehe *senyum meleret* well i still feel he replied my tweet last night lol me im so dramatic. okay. im kinda busy w those unnecessary stuff. ugh wat else. sekolah ah woi.

okay january were going not good enough. jie moved to stad asdfghjkl i dont get it why she do that untill now i dont get it like seriously i freaking hate she had moved ugh. then farah and scha moved to sri pagi. and last but not least adek. umi forced her moved to vokay. well umi wanna adek got a diploma. hmm her daughter what else i can do. takan nak suruh adek lari rumah. omg i miss my girls. now weve nad, mia and ca only. badass bored okay.

what i can remember about january is my girls moved and ahyu my little busuk also pindah :( oh and i exchange my class. i take engineering course. eceh ajet ajet jadi engineer gitu xD but but but i hate oh not really hate-lah the teacher who taught me LK. hmm he... hmm i wanna change the teacher.. i just.. cant...

true talk i hate being form four... i missed being form three and yes i rather take back pmr than to face this form four freaking hell problem that i dont even know when its gonna end. dah ah member takde than syllabus kemain payah ugh. i dont understand at all add math chapter one. or maybe i understand little. maybe.. but but im kinda loves math modern.. well pretty cute, its kinda easy.. just for now.. eheh ._.

eh why did i brag about my school problems here haha. i exaggerate this thing too much but hmm. eh blog, you know, i got netbook/notebook wtv its name, and rais yatim gave me uhuk uhuk. well police child who got 5A's and above in pmr will get this so i do :) Alhamdullillah rezeki Allah bagi. i got an ipad too. jam swatch and blackberry well eventho that phone kinda rosak well ada ah gak smartphone.

when its turn to february hmm. oh ya happy birthday harreh. haha i still remember his face when the stripper do a lap dance to him ahah xD cute cupcake~ okay. so yesterday my brotha asked me to sold my ipad to him and all of sudden he want my netbook/notebook wtv its name and i was like kepala otak kau bodoh. its all mine, why u wanna take it? holy shit no! i wont give it to him. paling tak boleh bla dia nak netbook/notebook aku, bodoh sangat dia ni, aku penat penat dapat 5A *konon penat* suka hati nak netbook/notebook wtv its name aku. alasan sebab laptop compact dah rosak wtv noob g ah format sakai tahap dewa. why i got a brother like him omfg why ugh its really pissed me off

but i must go through all this problem. i used to it since i was in form two.. maybe-lah. hmm thanks Allah. He always be with me. again thanks Allah.